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Appointment Timing

Please plan for your appointment to take an additional 10 minutes for intake, dressing & undressing, and checkout.

*If the electronic intake or a printed intake form has not been received before your appointment time, then the completion of that form will take up some of your session time. 


  • Payment MUST be in full at the time of the session or prior to the session. 

  • To book an appointment a credit card will needed for scheduling, even if you plan to pay with cash or check.

  • No charges will be made unless there is a no-show or late cancellation issue.Cash, Credit Card, and Cash App Payments are accepted.

Cancelation, Late Arrival, and No Show Policy

24 hour advance notice of cancelation is mandatory 

All Late Cancelations or No-Show/No-Call may be charged up to 100% of the session fee. 

The credit card used to schedule the appointment will automatically be charged. 

All Late Cancelations or No-Show/No-Call fees MUST be paid prior to any future sessions.


Late Arrivals

If the client is late for their appointment the session will still end at the scheduled ending time.  

Running behind more than 10 minutes, without notification to the massage therapist, will be considered a NO-SHOW and you will be charged 100% of the session fee.  

If the session is shortened due to a late arrival the client will be responsible for the “full” session amount.

If the therapist is running behind then the full time will be given.

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